Automated validation tests with Laravel

Following the topic covered in the last post, now it is time to implement another type of automated test in Laravel. Automated tests on data validation.

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Automated Email Testing with Laravel

A few days ago, I came across a scenario that I could not find a way to test. I needed to send an email to a customer and wanted to validate that it was rendered correctly.

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Basic concepts about Code Review

Code Review is a practice, as the name suggests, where a programmer reviews an implementation made by another, with the aim of finding faults in general.

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5 tips for begginner developers

It does not matter who you are, the technology you work with, whether you work for a big company or not, every programmer has had the experience of being a beginner without really knowing what they are doing and having that feeling of being completely lost.

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Automated browsing tests with Laravel Dusk

No matter how beginner you may be, it is very likely that, at some point, you have heard about automated testing, its importance in systems development and everything else.

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